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Why Is My Period Painful?

Period pain is a very common side effect for so many women when they get their monthly bleed. But did you know this is actually no supposed to happen? Period pain or dysmenorrhoea is actually not a 'normal' part of the period experience.

So what is period pain? In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) we view dysmenorrhoea as a result of Qi (vital energy) and blood getting stuck in the channels (or pathways) that nourish the uterus. We would use acupuncture, dietary advice, heat and exercise therapy to help support you through.

Need some tips on how to deal with the pain yourself??

Well, for most women, we work this out pretty early on. Dysmenorrhoea can come on in our early teens or a bit later in our adult years. But here are a few lovely reminders:

  • Acupuncture ⭐ we have the best tools and such extensive experience to support your dysmenorrhoea in clinic. We also have heat lamps which, to be honest, is why most of us come for treatment 😉

  • Heat Packs! Heat packs in the form of wheat bags or hot water bottles on the belly or the lower back. The warmth will help the blood move and flow and help the stagnation.

  • Magnesium, which will help the nervous system and muscles relax. My favourite is a magnesium roll on (my favourite brand is Amazing Oils) on to the lower belly at the end of the day after a nice warm bath or shoulder.

  • Rest. Take it easy. Be in your Red Tent. Tend to yourself. Let go of anything that does not serve you from your previous cycle. Eat chocolate 🧡


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