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We love it when the whole family visits

Is your child suffering from coughs and colds? Asthma or eczema? Digestive issues, growing pain, stress or they're generally not themselves?

Pediatric acupuncture is safe, gentle and effective for babies through to teens and works in much the same way as adult acupuncture. We use the same acupuncture points and pathways and are guided by the same theories.

In addition to acupuncture with ‘taps’ (a safe word for needles), there are a number of different techniques we use for your child depending on their symptoms and temperament. These include Tui Na massage, gua sha (or gentle scraping), laser therapy, cupping and liniments to achieve the desired health outcome. All of which are done in a way that is most comfortable for them either sitting or lying on the table or being held by you.


To assist you in explaining the process, we provide you with a guideline prior to your child’s initial consultation so that you can prepare them for their first visit.

Call us on 07 3450 9858 to book your child’s appointment and ask any questions you might have.

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