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How Does Acupuncture Work For Stress?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, stress creates blockages or stagnation in the body causing channels or meridians to be jammed.

This is our favourite analogy for how Chinese Medicine works but how we best clear stress/stagnation.

If you imagine a beautiful river system, with crisp clear flowing water travelling along without any disruption. Then you come to a dam in that river and the water behind that dam is gunky and stuck, not moving freely at all. Our job as Registered Practitioners is to know which acupuncture points to insert needles into and therefore unblock the dam and have that beautiful crisp Qi and Blood flow freely again, nourishing the body and restoring it’s natural rhythm.

So when we’re stressed and wound up our body creates stagnation. Acupuncture has an incredible effect on the autonomic nervous system, circulatory system and the regulation of cortisol in the body. So when we use acupuncture points stimulated by acupuncture needles we can see the nervous system calming and settling. We use Traditional Chinese Medicine theory to understand which parts of the body are most affected by stress and then with our diagnosis, we create a treatment plan to support the body in regulating stressful patterns.

Of course, laying on a table in a dimly lit room, nice and warm and rugged up also allows time for you to rest and reset and decompress from the world outside. Even if it’s only for an hour.


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