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I want to get Acupuncture, but I don’t like needles

You’d be surprised how many patients we see at Greenstone that have a phobia of needles. At Greenstone, we are here to make your Acupuncture experience as relaxing as possible, so don’t let your fears stop you from seeking the benefits of Acupuncture and TCM!

Here’s what to do at Greenstone if you have a needle phobia, or just don't like needles!

Let us know before your appointment

When booking your appointment online, there is an option to add comments regarding your treatment. You’re more than welcome to disclose if you have any fears or phobias going into your treatment in this section. You’re also able to pop this on your initial consultation form which will be in your inbox before your initial consult.

Before your appointment, we will make a note on your file so that we can address any fears that you may have before we start your treatment!

We do find that the fear of having the needles is far greater than the actual lived experience. If you try one needle and are happy to continue, we will. If you try one needle and it's just not for you, that's absolutely A-OK.

Call out to us mid-session

Don't be shy, if you ever feel anxious or stressed during your session and your acupuncturist is no longer in the room with you, be sure to call out!

Seek our alternative treatment options

Sometimes, needles are just not the right course of action for you and that's ok! At Greenstone Acupuncture, we also offer Gua Sha, cupping and Tui Na. We'd be happy to use these treatments together until you feel comfortable to try having the needles during your session.

Let us know how you felt after your appointment

After your appointment, please let us know how you're feeling! If you're not feeling settled after your appointment, tell a member of the Greenstone Acupuncture team and we will be there to assist you.

No matter the concern, the Greenstone Acupuncture team are here to help! Are you following us on Instagram? For more tips, tricks and clinic updates, follow us via the button below!


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