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Acupuncture originated in traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is a medical treatment that has been used for hundreds of years. Acupuncture and TCM are based on an ancient system that understands health through balance.


Qi (our vital energy) flows through channels or meridian pathways that run throughout our bodies, targeting major organs. Acupuncture aims to remove these blockages and return your energy flow. Qi provides your body with healing and energy which is an optimal state of balance!


To become an Acupuncturist, we study a Bachelor of Health Science, Acupuncture and are registered with AHPRA which is the governing body in Australia. We have over 1,000 clinical hours of needling practice during our degree, which is supervised by industry leaders and academics.


Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy helps us to move Qi and Stagnation through the channels and meridians of the body and is used in conjunction with our acupuncture treatments. We don't provide cupping as a stand alone treatment at our clinic. 


We use both glass and silicone cups in our practice. We often use them in conjunction with a musculoskeletal treatment but will often use them also if needed during treating coughs and colds, digestive disorders and sometimes to even remove cold from the body. 

These versatile tools in our kit are a patient and practitioner favourite alike. 


Motor Point Therapy

At Greenstone Acupuncture, we are also trained in a type of Orthopaedic Acupuncture called Motor Point Acupuncture.


Motor Point Acupuncture uses motor points that are very specific points where the motor nerve from the central nervous system enters a muscle. When this point is needled, we will then apply electrostimulation which allows the muscle to move and contract. Motor point acupuncture targets specific joints and muscles as contributing to local or referred pain patterns. We use this type of treatment with the aim to restore movement and reduce pain.


Esoteric Acupuncture 

Esoteric Acupuncture is a relatively new style of Acupuncture, it is a complex weave of ancient wisdoms used to tap into the deep aspects of self to enable growth and understanding.
Treatments provide a space for you to look within to find truths. It provides grounding for you to use that knowledge and expand, enabling an inner leaning to elevate your vibration. This opens space for support in general health, such as better sleep, less anxiety, reducing feelings of being overwhelmed, regulating emotions, and overall sense of wellbeing. The other benefit is that of spiritual growth and the ability to create a sense of connectedness in your community.
Using sacred geometry, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hindu Charkra systems and The Tree of ife, the treatments use carefully selected encoding patterns, based on you current energetic state. Where you are guided to learn more about yourself and your life path or purpose. It's about combining the past, present and future to expand your consciousness, enabling self-realizations to emerge.


Chinese Herb & Supplement Prescription

As Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioners, it is within our scope of practice to prescribe Chinese Patent Herbal Formulas and supplements. We only prescribe and supply within the parameters of the guidelines set out by us by the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia. 

Everything that we sell at Greenstone Acupuncture has been researched thoroughly by our practitioners and is only prescribed if necessary. 


Gua Sha

Gua Sha literally translates to scraping sand due to the colour of the red, spotty type colour that it brings up on the skin. 

Traditionally used in Chinese Medicine to scrape away colds and illness from the body, we can also use this tool to help move Qi and Stagnation that causes pain within the body. 

In our clinic we would also use this style of treatment when we treat our littlest patients. Gently stimulates channels and meridians in kids also helps move Qi and Blood and support their systems. 

Of course it's always lovely to use in the cosmetic sense too, gently on the face at the end of the day. Ask us how if you'd like a demonstration. 

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