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Why Am I Craving Sweet Food?

Ahhhhhh, sweet cravings! One of the most common things we hear in clinic, is how much people love chocolate or perhaps how they can't go without having sweeties in the afternoon.

I'm not too sure if this is good news or not for those of you who are currently nodding your head (including me) but in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) we view this as pathology (dis-ease). Let me explain.

There are 5 elements in TCM; Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. Each element has their own relationship with the human body and each other. When we talk about sweet cravings or the overwhelming need to have sweets, we're referring to the Earth element.

The Earth element is governed by two organs, the Stomach and the Spleen. If there is a blow out in the need for sweets these are the organs that are going to be most effected. During your treatment consultation we'd look for other signs and symptoms to support this diagnosis (mostly digestive symptoms like loose stools, bloating, sometimes frontal headaches, sometimes afternoon fatigue). We'd then formulate a treatment plan to support and nourish your Earth element.

So how do we do this? With Acupuncture, by choosing the best acupuncture points that correlate to your pattern. We may also include some herbs that support the Spleen or the Stomach. We may also make recommendations to you including suggestions via Chinese Dietetics (food as medicine), finding ways to support you at home with the best foods to nourish these organs. We'd also have a look at some other things that might niggle the Earth element like overthinking and worry.

All small things but ones that with a treatment plan, can be super helpful in curbing those sweet cravings.


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