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Welcome Winter

We are so excited here at Greenstone with the cool change that has come in. About time!!!  It felt like summer would never end with its super charged heat.

The lovely cooler cosy months are here. We love eating according to the seasons and this is the time of year the amazing role of bone broth (soup) comforts and nourishes while supporting and replenish our Yin (female energy, quiet, dark, night time).  It is also a time to come together with a few friends to share a warm and delicious meal, filling our heart and belly’s.

It’s so easy to build up our Yin stores over winter using root vegetables and bone broth. This can be done by cooking quick and easy roasts (meat and veggies) or even trying your hand at making your own bone broth.

Bone broth is incredibly rich in minerals particularly glutamine which is the most important amino acid for healing the gut wall.  Bone broth is a lovely warm, easily digested drink that soothes the gut lining, wonderfully nutrient dense, full of collagen, glutamine, glycine, proline which all help heal the gut and reduce inflammation.

Remember, NOURISHING is the goal over winter.  Be kind to yourself and take time to look after you.


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