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So, you’ve had Covid? Now what?

It’s crazy to think that this time two years ago, we were unaware of what is a now a common concern for many of our patients. We are all very familiar with how to reduce your changes of ‘catching’ COVID-19, but how do you take care of yourself post COVID-19?

Here at Greenstone Acupuncture, we're here to help support our clients throughout their post COVID-19 recovery.

Some common lingering symptoms that we’re seeing here at our Mount Gravatt East clinic is patients struggling with fatigue, hot flushes and a lingering cough. While post-COVID care is a new and evolving area in medical research, we are passionate about assisting our patients on their road to better health after having COVID-19.

Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbal medicine makes up a portion of what we can provide our patients with here at Greenstone Acupuncture and we may prescribe them to you for many reasons, one being to restore your energy balances.

On our shelves, we stock a range of herbs and vitamins including Vitamin D and Zinc which are essential for your immune health. During or after your Greenstone treatment, we are always here to guide you to assist you in choosing the right herbs for you.

It is important to note that herbs can act on the body as powerfully as pharmaceutical drugs and should be treated with the same caution and respect.

Gentle Movement

Experts have warned that pushing yourself too hard, too soon can be detrimental to your recovery. While you may be itching to get back into your normal exercise routine, it’s important to take things easy while you’re recovering.

While everybody’s recovery journey is different, gentle movement such as walks around your neighbourhood, Yoga, stretching and Pilates are great ways to get your body moving.

But remember, you know your body best! If you’re feeling breathless or fatigued during your movement, reassess your exercise and take a step back if you need to!

Nourishing Food

We’ve had many patients come into the clinic who have experienced a suppressed appetite whilst fighting COVID-19. Some basic guidelines to support your immune system while recovering through food is to eat nutritious, wholefoods and to stay hydrated!

Our amazing friend Elly over at @nutritionelly provides some incredible insights as to how you can support your immune system. Check out her website here.

Rest, Rest and More Rest

Your immune system has just experienced an illness that you’ve never had before! Remember to be kind to your body and take this time to focus on your health!

At Greenstone Acupuncture, we are here for you on your road to recovery and we are available for consultations and appointments for your personal post COVID-19 journey.


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