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Greenstone Acupuncture Update

We can’t believe that 2021 has been and gone and now we’re already halfway through January 2022!

While we were all probably hoping for some normality this year, it seems like the beginning of 2022 has began much like the last two years, with COVID-19 posing new challenges for many small businesses like us.

Although life has been a little less ‘normal’ we’re more than ready for what this year will bring and are forever grateful for the support of our wonderful clients and our local Brisbane community.

To continue to ensure that we protect our patients and our team, we have implemented a few new and upgraded COVID safe strategies at our practice. If you have any questions regarding our COVID-19 policies and practices, please do not hesitate to ask the Greenstone team!

Vaccination Status

It is important for us to let you know that we welcome vaccinated and unvaccinated clients. We have not been mandated by the government to do otherwise and we will always follow the requirements set by them. Your vaccination status is your business, unless it is relevant to your main complaint, or you feel that you need to let us know.

New single-use sheets on the practice tables

You may have noticed our new single-use table sheets that we have been using in the practice for the last couple of weeks. Along with our regular cleaning in-between patients, these sheets help us keep the room even more sanitary. But don’t worry, you will still be provided with fresh, clean towels for your session!

Wearing masks

It is required that you wear a mask when entering the clinic, while waiting on the waiting area, whilst walking into the treatment room and during your consultation part of the treatment. If you are receiving your treatment facedown, you may take your mask off.

Our team will be all masked up throughout your treatment and we will also be trialling face shields to reduce the risk of water droplets.

Checking in, sanitising and keeping your social distance

We ask that you please kindly check-in when entering the clinic as required by the Queensland government. In addition to checking in, sanitising your hands upon entry and maintaining a safe distance between other patients and our staff are easy steps to help keep our community safe.

We will continue to keep our Greenstone family and greater Brisbane community updated with any new regulations and procedures that we may have, but as always, we thank you for your incredible support during these uncertain times!


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