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Are we in Mount Gravatt East or Italy? Our Neighbours have had a facelift!

Adored by locals and raved by food connoisseurs, Pannini’s Woodfired are serving up Brisbane’s best slice in their recently renovated space.

Inspired by the lavish restaurant scene of Melbourne, Pannini’s fresh look elegantly combines bold colours and modern fixtures that will make you forget that you’re in ‘the burbs’.

When owners Stefan and Zorica decided that it was time to upgrade their much-loved restaurant on Carrara Street, they wanted to create an atmosphere that complimented the warmth that was meant to be felt when eating authentic Italian cuisine.

After spending months looking over different design layouts and styles online, the pair took to the streets of Melbourne where they instantly fell in love with the iconic Melbourne bar scene.

Once landing back in Brisbane, Stefan and Zorica presented a 13-page booklet of all of their favourite ideas to their designers and within months, their vision was brought to life.

While their exterior has changed, Pannini's sensational flavours and culinary specialties has remained!

Panninis have taken suburban eating to a whole new level and are serving up an autehntic fusion of italian and eastern european flavours that are sure to excite your tastbuds.

Open early mornings, Pannini's 'little sister' cafe il Caffè are proudly serving up Stel Coffee. Their coffee is a morning ritual for us here at Greenstone Acupuncture and we love to send our patients here after their treatments for a lovely grounding beverage!

If you're feeling a little peckish post-treatment, we highly reccomend one of their patisserie treats or their famous Bacon and Egg Muffin.

For our evening patients, be sure to enjoy one of Pannini’s exceptional Woodfired Pizzas or their incredible Risotto Agnello for some post-treatment fuel!

We are so grateful to be surrounded by such an incredible community here on Carrara Street and we love sharing our 'local shoutouts' with our amazing patients.

To plan your next post-treatment treat, check out Pannini's Woodfired or il Caffè on Instagram.


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